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J´aime le lundi.

J´aime le lundi.

©. 2014. Susanalf

Mondays is the start of the week, a week of five days which is as a white canvas to write our memories.
I like Monday, as I like the beginnings because all of them are full of illusion.

On Sunday when the latest football game ends I go to bed and waiting impatiently for Monday, the beginning of the week where everything is possible, because on Mondays there are plenty of challenges to face.

I often hear people say that they hate Mondays and I feel sad about them because there are people without illusion. Weekdays is not a routine, it is not a torture, weekdays are just days with a lot of ideas to make a reality and things to discover.

For this reason, during this year 2014 I would like to share with all of you a picture in the new session J´aime le lundi. My intention and perhaps my ambition is that you would feel inspired by Monday and so this day might be a white paper where to write your story.

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©2014. Susanalf.

Around Sta. María del Naranco - Oviedo.

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