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Ignited Passions by Nora Velazco & Mónica Andrés.

Do you have plans for next Thursday September 5th? What about going to discover the newest show by Nora Velazco & Monica Andres: Ignited Passions? The Private View will be held on Thursday 5th Sept 6-9pm. 

Gallery walls set alight (with passion)
Nora Velazco & Monica Andres, Ignited Passions, 
5-10th Sept 2013
 The show will be open daily 1-7pm.

From 5-10th Sept 2013, Gallery One at Espacio Gallery will showcase the contrasting work of Monica Andres (conceptual narrative) and Nora Velazco (abstract expressionism).

©2013. Nora Velazco & Monica Andres. 

About the show:

Drawing inspiration from the films of Pedro Almodóvar, Spanish artist, Monica Andres and Argentinian-born artist, Nora Velazco present their debut duo show at Espacio Gallery.

United by their use of passion as a source of artistic energy, each artist takes a radically different approach to her creative process.

Nora’s works are full of color and emotion. Created with spontaneous brushwork and paint-dripping techniques, her pieces are an extension of her emotional state at the time of their creation.

By contrast, Monica plans everything with great care, producing conceptual figurative art, telling a story which engages the viewer.

The resulting aesthetic tension draws viewers into an exploration of polar opposites: desire and hate; radiance and introspection; hope and despair; peace and anger; adoration and indifference.

 Meet the artists

Nora Velazco is both a painter and a fashion and textile designer. Her interest in art was sparked when she studied with the artist Cristina Dartiguelongue in Buenos Aires. She is fascinated by the possibilities of spontaneity, using transparent layers of color to express mood and rhythm.

Discover more about Nora here: 

Spotlight Artist: Nora Velazco

Monica Andres was born in Madrid and moved to the UK in 2007 to explore her creativity. Painting from a young age, she expanded her studies with a Masters in Graphic and Web Design at CICE-New Technologies School, Madrid. Later she studied Event Management for the Creative Industries at Saint Martins, London. Her life combines twin passions for art and fashion.


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