lunes, 26 de agosto de 2013

Jewish Museum

I think I have talked before about the 1st Wednesday event in Bayswater Village, the day when shops and business are open till late. Last one took place on 7th August; it  was amazing in Debut Contemporary, the weather accompanied us and made a brilliant night, I only can find something wrong: it was too short.

7th August in Debut Contemporary - London.

Debut Contemporary - Photos on 7th August.

If you are going to be in London next 4th September you will have the chance to go to the next 1st Wednesday event.

On this occasion the theme is 'Back To School' with live chess in the window as an interactive art performance, fun old school music from our resident DJ, refreshing cocktails and much more.

Remember to confirm your attendance by emailing: if you would like to assist.

Last 23rd of July was the second anniversary of the death of Amy Winehouse. If you go to the Jewish Museum in London you can visit an original exhibition about her: Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait. The exhibition curated by the Jewish Museum with the help of her brother Alex and sister-in-law Riva Opening, it is a personal and intimate exhibition about the artist.

The museum is behind Regent´s Park, in Camden, 129 - 131 Albert Street. NW1 7NB, London.

In the third floor of the building you can discover the most intimate side of Amy through the objects her family has given to the Museum.

When you finish you can continue exploring the museum. On the second floor you can discover an insight of the history of British Jewish from 1060 to today. An incredible and amazing exhibition for adults and children.

The Holocaust Gallery tells the story of one of British-born survivor in Auschwitz, Leon Greenman OBE.

On the first floor, my favorite, in a hexagonal floor as David star, you can explore Jewish religious practice and traditions, - from Purim to the Sabbath -, at home and at synagogue too. Also you can visit a 17th century Venetian synagogue Ark.

Before leaving the museum you can visit a Mikveh, the medieval ritual bath.

Angelika Steiger.
Artist on Saturday Debut on 10th August.

To end I would like to talk about the work of an interesting artist: Angelika Steiger. She is an artist from Liechtenstein. 

Shaken 12. 

She had her Saturday Debut last 10th of August. She introduced us her work, an installation called “Impermanence” made with an original machine, Gyrotory Shaker which comes from an agrochemical company and move a sand called Silica Gel, which is a compound to make glass and to deshydrate packages of valuable items. The machine draws several natural compositions and later she takes pictures of them. The resulting prints are “Shaken No. 1, 2, 3 . . “. 

Impermanence by Angelika Steiger.

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