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Bench2Bench by Ronan Samuel.

Monument in Trinity Square                Sit down or walk up

Perhaps some weeks ago you noticed via twitter I send some photos to Rohan Samuel (@ArtistRohan), and all the images have something in common, they were about benches.

Today I would like to introduce Rohan Samuel and his project to help support Children with cancer: Benches2Bench.

Rohan Samuel is a visual artist from London. In these days he is involved in  Bench2Bench, an ambitious project for a good cause: support CHILDREN with CANCER UK. 
St. James Street
With this aim in mind the artist Rohan Samuel has dared to create a project that is  a test of physical endurance and passion of the arts. The Bench2Bench journey starts at Charing Cross, the center of London and ends at the furthest bench in England in Berwick-upon-Tweed close to the border of Scotland. A journey that starts on the 1st of August and ending 5th October taking the artist Rohan Samuel over 430 miles of the British landscape.

The route, over 430 miles from London to Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Creating art work along his journey and documenting this monumental excursion through the medium of film and a journal as well as sound recordings of the artist's thoughts as he tries to reach his goal.

However it does not just stop there, Rohan will be putting on 5 performances in 5 major cities across the UK, Oxford, Leicester, Liverpool, Blackburn and finally Middlesbrough before heading off the final bench in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Once returned to London Rohan will be hosting a huge final exhibition publishing all the works made on the walk as well as the performance pieces from the 5 major cities. There will also be exclusive documentation of the walk only to be shown in the exhibition so you can see and read first hand about the Rohan' Bench2Bench travels.

A bench - A fountain                         Tower Hill

Would you like to discover more? Remember this date: 20th June, 2013

The Bench2Bench Exhibition
From 20th of June – 26TH of June
Private view 20th of June from 6 to 9 pm

Bench2Bench and Rohan Samuel is delighted to invite you to the first exhibition of bench2Bench showing you a selection of artists' views on cancer, charities and togetherness from the 20th of June to the 26th of the June at 207 Whitecross Street Islington.

The inaugural launch of the show will feature a range of different mediums by artists Rohan Samuel Aminder Virdee, Becky Bromley, Blaze Huggins, Bryony Houldsworthy, Charlotte Esposito, Daphne Antonarou, Elizabeth James, Helen Osborne, Ian Smart, Joe Chen, Miranda Beraud, Olivia Henry and Stella Tooth.

In July Rohan will be raising fund for Bench2Bench through a fundraising event for families and everyone in London with the donations going to charity and to the project. So watch out for more information in the next couple of weeks.

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