miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Around Tower Bridge

White Cube, Bermondsey.
144 – 152 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3TQ

Some weeks ago I went to an opening in the White Cube, Bermondsey. It was an incredible exhibition, the first solo exhibition by Julie Mehretu in London. This exhibition featured new and recent paintings, some of them were presented within a specially constructed environment designed by David Adjaye in close collaboration with the artist; and focused around “Mogamma: A Painting in Four Parts”.

All her paintings were amaizing and they reminded me, regarding the technique and the size the classical Renaissance painting. It is difficult to express with words the feeling I had so I suggest you if you have the opportunity go and visit it; it is open till next 7th July.

To finish, Julie´s painting talks about how architecture and geographical space, particulary within urban centres, become sites for political and mythological projection

After the Opening I went for a walk and I arrived to the Tower Bridge.

Its very common not to visit the sightseeings we have in our city because we think they are going to be there forever and later we travel and do exhausting daily journeys away

This happened to me with Tower Bridge, it was my first time, although I have wanted to visit it since a long time ago, but until that day I could not find the time to do it.

Tower Bridge Road.

It was really exciting arriving to the Tower Bridge! In addition it was a warmer and sunny day, so when I crossed it I could stopped and watched the London Sky_Line from the middle of the river. Yes, it is true I feel fascinated about cities´Sky_lines, It is a constant element in my work since a long time ago.

What should I say about the Tower Bridge?  It was late to get into and visited it, so I have to come back, but until that day, it would be soon, just remember: London Bridge was originally the only crossing for the Thames. I promise to myself to come back soon and talk about it. Until that day arrives I invite you to enjoy the views of London Sky_Line.

London Sky_Line.

When I arrived to the other side, I found on my right St Katharine Dock. I was there, some years ago. St Katharine Dock is an amazing place, an Oasis in London. It reminds me  The Albert Dock in Liverpool.

The Albert Dock in Liverpool. @Susanalf.2010

St Katharine Docks were one of the commercial docks serving London on the north side of the river Thames and is now a popular housing and leisure complex.

St. Katherine Docks.

St Katherine Docks took their name from the former hospital of St. Katherine´s by the Tower built in 12th century in the same place. Later in October 1828 started to run as a docks. During the 2nd World War were badly damaged by German bombing and never fully recovered thereafter because of their very restrictive capacity and inability to cope with large modern ships. There were closed in 1968 and after some works of redevolpment they turned into what it is today. 

Tower of London Park. 

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