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Field trip and Tili de Arizmendi.

Field Trip
5th June - 8th August, 2014
Display Gallery
Morley House
26 Holborn Viaduct
EC1A 2AQ - London

            From last 5th June to 8th August you can discover Field Trip, an exhibition, curated by Display gallery, that brings together a collection of new works (paintings,  drawings, photographs, sculptures and mono-prints) by ten artists. 

Field Trip will showcase the personal and inner journey of each artist through their artworks that upon arrival at Display Gallery will take form of a collective expedition. The new surroundings of the white cube space and the process of installation will assign a different perspective and meaning to the oeuvre and thus will create a new journey with the journey. The audience is invited to witness that process of new possibilities and prolific dialogues and take part in this artistic field tripowhile exploring its challenging nature.

This show presents the practice of a culturally diverse group of artists from Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Germany and UK.

Tili de Arizmendi is an Argentina photographer based in London who works with different types of light to deliver a surprising visutal interpretation of landscape. Trained at the Andy Goldstein School of Creative Photography in Buenos Aires her work draws upon the images of her childhood and youth. 

    Being brought up between the city and the farm she developed a strong bond  with nature. Photography came as an instinctive response to the exciting world around her. Immersed in dramactic landscapes she loves getting lost in time, observing the ways in which lights behaves.

   Through her practice she tries to reclaim our lost connection with nature reminding us that we are part of the natural world and always sorrounded by it, even when lost in overwhelming urban environments.    

    Recently she took part of the 6th edition of The Other Art Fair at Marylebone from 24 to 27 April 2014. Other recent exhibition includes: The Story of Creative (Group Show) - See exhibition Space, New York; Brootal, Buenos Aires; The Clubhouse, (Group Show) - The Clubhouse, Buenos Aires; Genesis, (Gropu Show) - El Reactor, London.

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