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Cubos de la Memoria by Ibarrola

©The Other Art Fair - April, 2014.

I would like to share with you today a great article by Francesca Bianchi about last edition of The Other Art Fair at Marylebone - London. 

You can read it here in English. The Other Art Fair by Francesca Bianchi.

Agustin Ibarrola Goicochea is a Spanish painter and sculptor. He was born in Basauri, Vizcaya (Spain) in 1930.

Agustin started his carear in the time of the constructivism and during those years he was a member of Equipment 57 with Duarte, Serrano and others. He moved to Madrid in 1948 and later, in 1955, to Paris. Before travelling to Paris in 1955 he lived in Madrid from 1948. In 1963, his work was exhibited for first time in London where the art critics compared his work with Goya´s etching artworks.

Since 1980, when he began sculpting, he has given his best known work: El bosque de Oma (Vizcaya), Bosque Encantado (Salamanca), El bosque de los Tótems (Madrid), etc. 

©2014. Susanalf. Llanes, Asturias.

Today I would like to show some pictures I took a couple of weeks ago of his work: Los Cubos de la Memoria in the port of Llanes (Asturias).

Agustín Ibarrola worked over these blocks of cement in the breakwater of the port of Llanes (Asturias). His intention was to create a piece of art where artist, landscape or territory and history´s memory meet at the same point. He painted over the cement with brilliant and intense colors.  

©2014. Susanalf. Llanes.
©2014. Susanalf. Port of Llanes. 
    These cubes are in constant changing with the light, the sea and the movement of the water and each minute they reveal us a new face of this work from Ibarrola.

©2014. Susanalf. Cubos de la Memoria de Ibarrola.

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