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Veronica Rowlands

I would like to talk again about Veronica Rowlands and some time we spent together on 23rd November at Debut Contemporary, because she trusted me to take the pictures of her event. 

Veronica is a visual artist from Bristol but she is based in London. 

She is a fashion designer that one day to escape from a stressful period in her life she started to create collections of vintage dolls dressed in fashion clothes. In this way Veronica put together her passions: art and fashion design. Veronica´s inspiration comes from London´s museums, where one day she discovered unusual vintage toys and miscellaneous objects.

Her way of work starts with sketches where later she adds different materials as gesso, papers, acrylic, etc. to conclude in her adorable dolls, 

Last Saturday 23rd November was Veronica´s Debut Saturday. She spent her time and her artistic practice with children, adults and everyone who was walking along Notting Hill.

©2013. susanalf

In the window of Debut Contemporary she staged a table, where everybody was invited to join her and paint. She drew a complete roll of paper from Farrow and Ball whom also donated her acrylics, and we were inviting to fill them up with colours

©2013. Susanalf
In these days Veronica is involved in a new project. Last Wednesday 11th December she ran a pop up store at Debut Contemporary, where you could find a range of seasonal greeting cards.

Our little girl was making her donation.

Veronica is also a stronger supporter against breast cancer and 10% of all sales of her work is going to charities: Breast Cancer Care & Beating Bowel Cancer.

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