jueves, 19 de diciembre de 2013

Fulham Palace.

What about if next time you are going to watch football at Craven Cottage you arrive one hour in advance and you have a look at Fulham Palace?.

A view of the main entrance to the Palace.

What is Fulham Palace?. Well we have to travel back to the past to discover it. Where nowadays Fulham Palace is settled at Medieval times or earlier the site was encircled by the longest domestic moat in England and it is still possible to see part of the moat at the entrance to the Palace.

Some views of the gardens coloured with Autumn.

Since 704 AD Fulham Palace has been the property of the Bishops of London, it was their summer home. Many of them who lived there improved the house and landscaped the garden as an outward show of their wealth and importance, as well as to provide a comfortable home for them and their families.  

The last bishop moved out of Fulham Palace in 1973 and today the Palace is open to visitors who want to discover it. If you get into you can see Palace´s eventful history, having lunch or just drink a coffee in the Drawing Room Café while you observe the wonderful garden and let your mind fly. Also you can walk the recently restored 18th century Walled Garden and get some ideas for your own vegetable patch.

Inside the palace.

A view of the door to get into the walled garden.
I find it so irresistible.

The way to go out through Fulham high street.

Get more information at : Fulham Palace

    I am not a fan of the Fulham Football club, I am from Chelsea, so I would like to share this picture to conclude today.

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