lunes, 28 de octubre de 2013

The Other Art Fair

Some weeks ago I received an email from Sophie Roberts with a double ticket to visit the fifth edition of The Other Art Fair.

The Other Art Fair is an event which takes part during London´s biggest art week and joined together 100 artists in this fifth edition and also included features such as Taxidermy workshops, Phaidon Pop-up Book Shop and  artists´ talks.

The Other Art Fair.

Rutie Borthwick
One of the first artists I discovered is Rutie Borthwick. Rutie likes to experiment with the shape of the paintings; she is inspired by the untold stories of distant figures, whether seen in photographs, found images or the streets of London, she paints figures with rich definition yet placed on raw, sparse backgrounds. Her work is of people removed from their landscape. Stories stripped of their context.

Taxidermy Classes & Demonstrations.
To tell the truth I hate mice, I feel sick if I see blood or I need go to the hospital, but I love this space: The Taxidermy workshop!!!!!. I found it really interesting, romantic, a kind of trip to the old professions. 

Enjoying the viewing of these mice I remembered the second time I visited this area of London, about 11 years ago when I went to visit the exhibition: Bodies.

      I would like to do a taxidermy workshop one day, perhaps when I would get over my blood sickness.


Keira´s typewriter.
I fell in love with this artist´s work. Her name is Keira and her work with a typewriter to create amazing figures, portraits, anything. 
Keira Rathbone

Typewriter Artist

Nicole Furman, talks about the innocence and the beauty through her pop images, a combination of design and photography. 

Bridget Davies

Nicholas Gentilli

Conrad Engelhardt

I would like to conclude with the visit to The Other Art Fair with Conrad Engelhardt. He is the 2013 Threadneedle prize and the finalist and visitors´choice award.
Conrad is an American artist from California with a degree in Chemistry. He moved to London in 2005 and later, in 2011, he made a change in his life from science to art and he started to work with wine cork to create his artistic masterpiece.

The Future Can Wait. Bloomsbury

The Future Can Wait is a multi-disciplinary museum-scale show consisting of London based or educated artists. Located since 2007 in the East End, The Future Can Wait moved to Bloomsbury Square in Central London in a new partnership with Saatchi´s New Sensations. 

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