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Frieze Art Fair - London 2013.

In London, when the Autumn arrives, the leaves turned red and shine under the shy sun. But also in London; in October, takes place the meeting of several artistic events with the Frieze Art Fair in the center.

I am going to talk today about The Frieze Art Fair, one of the world´s leading art fairs takes place each October. During the following days I will also introduce other events which took part last week in London.
I will start with a small introduction for those who never have been in Frieze before. The fair took place in Regent´s park and involved Frieze London, Frieze Masters, Sculpture Park and numerous events: Frieze Talks, a program of debates, panel discussions and keynote lectures.
    Frieze London is designed by architects Carmody Groarke.
   The Fair is organized in three sections: The main gallery section, Focus and FrameGalleries included in Focus are selected on the basis of a proposed solo stand or curated project, specifically conceived for the fair. The galleries taking part in Focus have opened in or after 2001 and debut works not previously seen within an art fair context. Frame, a section of the fair introduced in 2009, is dedicated to solo artist presentations. Frame is open to galleries who have been in existence for less than eight years and present a regular programme of exhibitions.

Visitors on Friday morning.
I went on Friday, 18th October, with Debut Contemporary, Sophia Victoria, Caroline Wagner and some other students from Debut. I felt so lucky to have this guide in this 11th edition of the Fair. Caroline introduces us ten galleries. 

   One of my favorite pieces was a Lisson Gallery, a new pavilion by Dan Graham. I felt this structure with a spiral of steel and glass amazing, I love watching how is changing the surface is changing with the pass of the public.

Dan Graham - Lisson Gallery - B10

Lisson Gallery

Graham, the American artist from Illinois, has traced since fifty years ago the symbiosis between architectural environments and their inhabitants.

Limoncello Gallery.

Another gallery we visited was Limoncello. There we talked to Sean Edwards, a Cardiff - based Abergavenn y-, an artist who uses a mix of media or anything he finds to create his sculptural work which explores the potential of the everyday.

Limoncello, a Frame gallery, is settled in 340 - 344 Kingland Road, London E8 4DA, and Rebeca May Marston runs it. 

Teoria, 2013 by Eduardo T. Basualdo.

PSM Gallery. F34
   Eduardo T. Basualdo is an Argentinian artist. Eduardo creates theatrical installations in huge proportions that emphasizes the physical presence of the public in relation to the work. This year he presents Teoria, a large hollow rock formed from black aluminum foil, suspended above the viewer´s head by a rope hanging from the ceiling. The piece is accompanied by a small framed drawing at the back of the stand.

Four in a dress by James Lee Byars.

Michael Werner Gallery. Michael Werner

Our visited finished at Michael Werner Gallery which presented this performance by James Lee Byars. I felt fascinated visited this piece which was performed for the first time in 1968 at New York´s Green Gallery.

Nestor SanMiguel Diest.

Maisterravalbuena Gallery.

I could talk for hours but I am going to conclude with this piece by the Spanish artist Nestor Sanmiguel Diest. The also Spanish Gallery Maisterravalbuena presents this year a selection of Nestor´s works made between 1996 and 2013, constructed with obsessively detailed geometric designs. Complex combinations are repeated systematically on the surface of the canvas.

Jorge Galindo.

Galería Helga de Alvear.

Galería Juana de Aizpuru

Sculpture Park at Regent´s Park.

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