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Territorios - jigsaw -.

The diversity of communities and cultures around an area.

#Territorios_London: Chinatown. 2013

Digital photocollage.

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Territorios is a photographic investigation as well as a personal reflection, born through my observation of different communities coexisting in the same territory. In this project, I present my thoughts about coexistence, tolerance, respect, diversity and our necessity to adapt to a new culture while, at the same time, we try to preserve our origins.

After two World Wars, the success of Communism in Russia or Nazism in Germany, Industrial Revolution, the dismantling of the Colonial Empires and other historical events, the migratory movements were increased.

#Territorios_London: Brick Lane.
Digital photocollage. 2014

Limited edition with golden leaf.

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In 2013, this project started in New York and today it is moving to London. In the once capital of the wide British Empire, more than fifty races coexist, over 300 languages are spoken and there are more than 150 different religions.

Once again, Susana uses photography to present her thoughts about coexistence, tolerance, respect, diversity, and our necessity to adapt to a new culture while, at the same time, we try to preserve our origins. Different communities with popular traditions that survive through time and space.

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@caracolll: #Territorios_London: St. Christopher´s place: A or B?

The result of this second part of the project is a group of images or photocollages where she shows us different places from the City of London. Each image in the series induces us to think about how this coexistance is possible.

Territorios is a personal reflection, born through her observation of all these communities matched together as pieces of a jigsaw. This is why the translation from Spanish to English is not literal. When she was thinking in Spanish she was drawn to the word 'Territorios', but when she translated it to English she used Jigsaw, because she liked the sound of this word, and also because it expresses how she imagines communities fit in together.

Territorios_London: Stamford Hill.

The first sketch of #Territorios_London.

May, 2013

Discover more pictures on Spanish´s post.

Keep an eye on my blog, within the following weeks I will update the rest of the pictures. Before the 31st December, you can discover the third and last part of #Territorios_¿?. Where? You will know it soon.


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