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#Time, the speed of time.

#Time: Spitalfields

Find it at The Other Art Fair

#Time, Susana´s newest work is a self portrait that talks about the speed of time. #Time is a wish to make it stand for a while in the present days.

We spent a lot of time thinking about the past and planning the future and we forget to live the present and when we realize it the present has been past.

The beginning of #Time, some years ago. (2010)

I would like to stop the time for a while, even if it would be one minute; I would like to travel to the past . . . 

The Other Art Fair

“Se la vitta fosse un gioco, in alcuni momenti sarebbe giusto sospenderlo, como quando durante una partita di calcio uno si fa male e l´arbitro fischia e ferma la partita. Bisognerebbe fermarsi per capire la gravità dell´incidente, capire se il giocatore è in grado di continuare. Invece la vita va avanti, il tempo non si ferma mai, senza tregua, e quando ti fai male devi continuare a giocare comunque, anche se zoppichi la partita continua. È questa la fregatura”. 
Fabio Volo. La strada verso casa. - Page: 212 -

“If life was a game, it would be possible to stop it for a while, like in football. It would be possible to escape to discover the importance of the facts. But life does not stop, time goes on, do not give you a moment for a rest.”

In each picture that belongs to #Time I talk about the permanence of objects and the mobility of life.

#Time: King´s road. 2014.

I work with several layers to reflect what happens around us, to show you what you are losing when you are not living the present conscientiously.

#Time, March, 2014.

Each picture is an invitation to think about a life, we live too fast, we forget to enjoy the present and suddenly this present becomes to past and it is impossible to recover it. Each picture is an invitation to enjoy the world around each day, perhaps the future never arrives.

I would like to invite you to come to The Other Art Fair from 16th to 19th October, that returns East to take its home at Brick Lane’s iconic Old Truman Brewery. Come and join us, I am going to stay at stand nº. 

       You also can discover other body of works: #Almanaque, #Territorios, #Postcards and #Nuvole.

        Also, during four days, you can taste “Las Chaponas”, a creation by Biarritz sweet shop from Gijon (SPAIN).
The Other Art Fair
Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL

Preview: Thursday, 16th October
17th - 18 th October 11.00 - 19.00 h
19th October             11.00 - 18.00 h

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