jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014


      #Postcards from Northern Spain is a nostalgic diary which talks about memory, time and landscapes from a trip without the rush to our destination, in which the path becomes the star. #Postcards was born by the observation of landscapes that were passing front of my eyes when I was driving, in a hurry towards my destination.

   It introduces fifteen images. The project is called #Postcards because all images are in a small size, like a postcard. Each picture shows those landscapes I have discovered during this trip. The name of each picture came from the country road where I stopped each time.

#Postcards from North of Spain. ©Susanalf. 2014

       During August I worked hard in order to have all the work for the next edition of The Other Art Fair ready. It will take place in Brick Lane’s iconic Old Truman Brewery, from 16th to 19th, October, 2014. You can discover more about production, stage and packing before the fair in Facebook. 

Advent calendar. ©susanalf. 2014 

       A new calendar, edition 2015, has already arrived and it is ready: a limited edition of forty units in four sizes: postcards, A5, A4 and ten copies in a free formant.

For more information and to book or/and buy your copy contact: susanalopez.fernandez@gmail.com

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