jueves, 17 de abril de 2014

A small diary previous The Other Art Fair.

Stand nº 76

   It seems like it was just yesterday, that cold Thursday of January when I read an email from Sophie that confirmed me I was selected, with another 94 artists, to take part in the following edition of The Other Art Fair in Marylebone. Today, 7 days left to the opening I would like to share with you some pictures of these weeks of the backstage. Everything is almost ready for next Thursday 24th April at 17.00 pm. I would like to invite all of you to join us and discover my new work #TIME, a self portrait that speaks about the speed of time.

17th, February, 2014.

Testing color samples of #Time: Carnaby st. at Ezcurdia_30, bajo. Gijon (Spain)

Visit the site and enter the discount code FERNANDEZ for £3.00 tickets.
This discount is only available online through the above link.

Printing limited edition of #Time

Putney Bridge and Great Marlborough.

#Almanaque, March, 2014.

Parece que fue ayer, cuando un frío mediodía de enero recibí un email de Sophie que me confirmaba que había sido aceptada junto otros 94 artistas para tomar parte en la próxima edición de The Other Art Fair en abril en Marylebone. Hoy, tras varias semanas de mucho trabajo, está casi todo preparado para la inauguración a las 17.00h el próximo jueves 24 de abril.

Utiliza el código FERNANDEZ para conseguir tus entradas por sólo 3GBP: 

El descuento sólo está disponible a través de este enlace.

#Postcards from Northen Spain.

Te esperamos en el stand nº 76 del 24 al 27 de abril de 11.00 a 18.00 h.

Ampika P3, 35 Marylebone Rd. NW1 5LS - Londres

#Territorios: Purim.

Limited edition for The Other Art Fair.

Buy Purim here.

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