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El Destino, ¿Qué nos dicen las cartas?.

El Destino. Colectiva PhotoArte Komite, 2013. ©Susanalf.

When in the beginning of June, PhotoArte Komite proposed me the topic of the 2013 group exhibition: “El Destino”, it came to my mind the image of a Fortune teller with a magic crystal globe. This image guided me to reflect and concentrate on the subject of the exhibition.

From the beginning of our existence we have been superstitious. We always have the necessity to find a logic explanation for the extraordinary facts that are beyond rational explanation.

If we were able to travel to the past and around the world, we would find several examples in the history of art that they have left proofs of this superstition that accompanies us from the Paleolithic era until now.

Who hasn´t read the horoscope at least once in their life? Who does buy a lottery in Christmas? Don´t you feel like an idiot with your resolution list for next year?.

We are going to stop in China and travel by boat with Marco Polo until Venice, where they say that he introduced the art of tarot in Europe 700 years ago.

The pack of Tarot cards provide us the tools to develop a different level of conscience that we use in our daily life. It is a way to find answers through a different way.

The oldest pack of Tarot cards that has reached until our days was painted by Bonifacio Bembo in the middle of XV century to celebrate the marriages of Bianca Maria Visconti with Francesco Sforza. The most famous pack of Tarot cards is this of Marsella, from which derives the posterior ones.

For all these reasons this year I decided to create a work related with magic and superstition because all of us love it when we need to face a crisis.

For the group exhibition: PhotoArte Komite - Summer 2013, I present a lecture of The Tarot. My images use the symbology of the twenty - two trump cards to become a pack of cards and reveal us the future. I use a simple three card lecture to have an easy answer.

The first card we find is El Mago, its number 1 means the beginning. This card says that we have all the tools we need to build the future, but we have to work hard because in this life everything has a price.

I took this picture in Kowloon (Hong Kong), in September 2012, and it is a sample of the numerous altars around a superstitious city.

La Estrella, this is the first time I work inside and use artifitial light. La Estrella means the expectation, in the darkest night you will always find a star that will light up your way.

Our last card is La Fuerza, but it is our inner strength that we have to use to change any unfavorable situation you will find in our way.

As the history says inside La Cruz de la Victoria there is a small wooden cross that Don Pelayo wore when he won the Battle of Covadonga.

Because we are talking about Future, Superstition, Tarot, etc. I would like also to share with you something from Francesco Jacobello

@2013. Francesco Jacobello. Scorpio

If you like this, could you vote for him here, it is quite easy: Talenthouse: Scorpio by Francesco.

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