martes, 7 de mayo de 2013

Saturday 4th May: Meet the Artist Debut.

Last Saturday was Meet Debut Artist´s event. Some visitors got involved with a workshop in how to manipulate photographic images whilst discovering the diversity of communities and cultures around an area.

Territorios is a photographic investigation of different communities coexisting in the same territory - in this ocasion Brooklyn. The result of my stay and the long walks across this land. In this project I present my thoughts about coexistence, tolerance, respect, diversity, and continues her Chopsticks´ idea - a reference to our necessity to adapt to a new culture at the same time we try to preserve our origins.

Some photos of the staging on Friday, 3rd May.

Painting the red Brooklyn´s Sky_Line on the window.

On Saturday, before starting.

Some visitors outside . . .

and inside.

At nightfall,

but, Go, go, you still have time to visit it before next Saturday, 11th May.

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