jueves, 11 de abril de 2013

A busy week waiting for the sun.

Well, there is a lot of news this week.

To start I would like to introduce an artist. She is Eleanor Cunnigham, a Fine artist specialised in photography using alternative methods. Her works is the result of a continuous experimentation. She combines digital and anologue photography and she likes to introduce new elemenst such as salts and inks. The result of this work is fascinating and amazing images, a excellent aftermath of putting together the traditional with the newest method of work.

Nonna´s Window. @Eleanor Cunningham, 2010.

This photo belongs to Relation reserve, 2010. It was manipulated using water and inks that she left on the original print overnight and then re-scanned it.

Next Wednesday 1st May you can discover more about Eleanor in Debut Contemporary from 7 to 9 pm. 

I also would like to talk about Andrew G. Fisher. He is an artist based in the UK that some weeks ago sent me an email to introduce his work. I really loved it and also I felt surprised because mainly of he works in a concept I am also fascinated: The passage of time, my obsession, since I was a child. 

@Andrew G. Fisher: Beside the Seaside

       I really like one project called ‘Perspective’ and considers the effects of time on life: a time-course of change and growth. How life’s path can turn in an instant and bring about reflection on one’s own life and how others live theirs. The undeniable end; the unpredictable journey.

@Andrew G. Fisher. Beside the Seaside.

In my opinion this is a fascinating and philosophical subject to spend hours talking and altough it is difficult to represente it with images he does in a fantastic way.

Recently, he is been accepted as a represented by a Gallery in Liverpool, dod-art, so if you are in Liverpool go and have a look and if not we always have internet, so I sugget you visit his place online: 


I also would like to mentioned, Rebecca Newnham and WAVE, her future sculpture at The Hutts Himalayan Garden and Sculpture Park in North Yorkshire. WAVE is being positioned in one of the lakes at the garden this Sunday 15th April. Read the full information here: 


WAVE by ©Rebecca Newnham, 2013.

To finish, remember if you are in London next Saturday 4th May, you are wellcome to come and join us at Debut Contemporary where I am going to introduce my new work #Territorios and talk about how to manipulate an image with computer softwares.

Most of the work is done, but I am still working in some ideas I have in mind and checking the result of some photos. 

@SusanaLF. 2013

@SusanaLF. 2013. Some sketches

I am going to show you  some photos of this, my studio, my watercolor, sketchs and the testing of the projector.

@SusanaLF, 2013. Testing #Territorios in PointB, Brooklyn, NY. March

@SusanaLF, 2013. Testing #Territorios at home, April.

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