sábado, 20 de abril de 2013

And finally the Sun arrived.

A view of London on Sunday morning.
@Susanalf, 2013. 

Finally the Sun decided to come and visit us in London and I went to discover the Jewish side of the City in the east part of London. It was an interesting walk tour where was placed the 1st Sephardi synagogue when the first Jews arrived to London coming from Spain and Portugal, and for 1st time I went into one.

Also on Sunday I discovered the roman side of the City. Near Bank tube Station it is Guildhall Art Gallery where you can find in the basement the Roman Amphitheatre too.

The Roman Amphitheatre.
©Susanalf, 2013.

The Guildhall Art is an art collection, in a quiet and historic square in the middle of the City. I went into and I discovered through differentes paintings the history of London, scenes like the coronation of Victoria Queen or the Fire of London.

 Later, on Monday, I went to The National Gallery. Some years ago, when I was working in my Doctoral Thesis I used to go to visit the Venetian masters from the Renaissance, but it was a long time since I went for the last time.

My doctoral talks about how the Venetian Masters introduced some new methods of painting in the city of Venezia, where the humidity made impossible to work wish fresh painting. I focused in Tiziano, Veronese and Titoretto, because they imported from the Netherlands the use of oil in painting. 

For a long time I called them my friends, because I spent a lot of time, studying their works. I love all of them, but on Moday I only visited Paolo. I love his big late painting, the majestic bodies, the perspectives, I like remember tohistory through their painting plenty of brilliants colors that seems he had just finished them.

I like going to the National Gallery  without previous plan, so after visited Paolo I wandered in the Gallery. I also like to playing, walking along the rooms and try to discover the authors of some pictures without reading the name. It is like my days in University. 

I also visited La Venus del espejo and Marta y Maria by Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez. 

La Venus del Espejo by Diego R. de Silva y Velázquez. (1651)

Before the bell sounded announcing that the Gallery was going to close I also had time to visit the Impresionist French Masters. I visited Degas´sketches for his dancer and one painting I love: Un dimanche après-midi à l'Ile de la Grande Jatte)

In my opinion we are lucky we can go to the National Gallery to visit the old master. I am looking forward to return and visit some drawings from Leonardo.

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