domingo, 24 de marzo de 2013

IRL; Point B, Williamsburg.

Point B, 71 North 7th St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. NY 11211

With the arrival of the Spring some openings took place last Friday, 22nd March. 

To start, I would like to talk about IRL (In Real Life). 

71N 7th St. Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 11211, NY.

IRL is a collective exhibition curated by Mikkel Carl, which gathered together these international artists: Dora Budor, Nanna Debois Buhl & Liz Linden, Mikkel Carl, Richard Ewans, Marc Ganzglass, Luc FullerParker Ito, Mamiko Otsubo, Kasper Sonne, Brad TroemmelStephen Truax, James Viscardi, and takes place in Point B, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY.

Dora Budor. 2013

IRL is a staging of real life. When Mikkel arrived in Brooklyn on 1st March, he activated his social networking to meet some old friends and some new ones. The result of this meeting is IRL, a conceptual group exhibition which shows us elements of daily life in residency. The show is also a proof that everything is possible if you work hard and believe in your dreams. 

Richard Evans: 
Kassel, 2011
Geo-audio drawing, watercolor on Baedeker map

If you would like to visit this exhibition, it will be open until next 29th March by appointment. Conctact Mikkel (917) 676 - 0530 or Also, you can have a look at his website:

Also on Friday I went to Pierogi Gallery as well.

Pierogi Gallery: Nadja Bournonville & Sarah Walker

Pierogi also manages The Boiler, 191 N. 14th St. Brooklyn. Here I discovered, some weeks ago, Kevin Cooley with Skyward. It was a cold and rainy Saturday but since the moment I got into the gallery, I was transported to a sunny and hot day. I love the staging, a large-scale ceiling projection. Skyward presented a series of disparate time-based moments that have been seamlessly woven together into a fantastical journey through the streets of Los Angeles.

Finally I would like to talk about something caught my attention two weeks ago: Leaves of Ore by Tam Van Tran. I talked last time about the importance of catching the atention of the public. This was a good example of that concept. I was walking down the street and the movement of the leaves on the canvas made me stop and enter the gallery to know more. Tran´s work was a reflection of the landscapes of his Vietnamese childhood and his current home of Los Angeles and the California coast.

Tan Van Tran: Leaves of Ore
Ameringer McEneryYohe
522 West 22nd St. 10011 NY

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