martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Spring Break Art Show

      During the last long weekend several art events took place, as every spring, in New York. I wanted to visit all of them, but it was impossible, so I chose some. 

Before I start with that, I would like to say a couple of words about me. As an artist, when I visit a show, I need things that attract my attention, make me stop and want to know more. If something does not catch my interest, I simply ignore it. I always say that a good piece of art is that which moves something inside us, whatever the artist wants to say. 

The first I visited was Spring Break Art Show, Old School, 233 Mott @ Prince St. This was a special show which catched my attention since the moment I crossed the main door. “Featuring the project of over 20 curators, the show will abandon the traditional focus on galleries and showcase a range of New York City´s curatorial voices, all surrounding a single exhibition theme - New Mysticism.” These are not my words, you can read the full submission here: SPRING/BREAK Art Show - About. This show is sponsored, among others, by Paddle, 

The show took place in an old school and they used the classrooms as galleries. From the first moment I felt fascinated, perhaps because of the theme. I stopped in every classroom, to watch videos, read, I felt intrigued and I wanted to know more and more. I mention some of the pieces I liked, but remember just because I have to choose some and it is only my personal and subjective opinion.

The Darkness Turns to Night by Sarah Bereza. (
 A piece curated by Ambre Kelly and Andrew Gori ( ). An adapted 1950s lanwnower with motor cycle grip and accelerator which controls a large projection of a lawn being mowed in daylight. Going too fast on the mower triggers in alternate nightime reality of garden witches.

The Darkness Turns to Night by Sarah Bereza.

Spring Break Art Show. NYC, 2013.

Alonetogether by Grace Villamel, Myla Dalbesio Home : MYLA DALBESIO and Juliana Cequeira Leite Juliana Cerqueira Leite | Juliana Cerqueira Leite. A really interesting piece of art. The first thing which attracted me was the room, was so different from the other, with a soft carpet and some comfortable cushions. ( I am not that shallow, I am just trying to say that for an artist it is important to catch the attention of the public, and you need to use all you need for it) The video was sublime, I couldn´t stop watching it, and the theme, so fantastic to me. The internet is a place where people seek company in others, however ironically, in the privacy of your home. The piece is curated by Amanda Schmitt.

Finally, I would like to talk about Car Wash Incident, a two screen video installation re-creating in detail one of the major insurance scams of convicted confidence artists Jack+Leigh Ruby.

Car Wash Incident by Jack+Leigh Ruby.

This is getting longer than I expected so I will continue next week with the other events I have visited.

JR ( curated by
Marc Azoulay (

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